EGGIZO ENTERTAINMENT brings historical, biblical, and modern figures to life in a contemporary world setting. Its iconic characters transcend space and time with visually stimulating radical stories delivered through a variety of platforms, prominently featured in, but not limited to the realm of comics, illustrated novels, and children’s educational curriculum.



Eggizo Entertainment was co-founded by Jeroll Rodgers, Jerrell Conner, and Frederick K Price Jr in 2015 when the three came together and combined concepts and stories that Rodgers + Conner had been developing for a couple years with stories that Price had been writing since 2010. All to form one massive universe of characters and storylines that showcase dozens of significant historical figures with an  authentic and completely fresh approach.



Jeroll Rodgers / Creative Director - new to the world of Comics, Rodgers’ background actually began working with in a low income housing development with at-risk youth. Having always been a fan of Batman, X Men and so many other legendary Superhero genres, Rodgers envisions the Eggizo universe full of characters that people of all ages and background can connect with. Working alongside Price and Conner, Rodgers assists in the creative and business development of Eggizo.


Jerrell Conner / Art Director / Visual Development / Branding - Creator of the graphic novel series Revelations: The Prophets. Conner has worked in the Arts & Entertainment industry for over 15 years with clients such as; EA Games, IMAX, Machinima, MTV, Interscope, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Reach Records, Universal, Starbucks, and Disney.

Frederick K Price Jr / Senior Writer - A full time pastor, Price has always had a love for comics and animation. His appreciation has ultimately led him, along with his business partners, to create the Eggizo universe. With his extensive imagination, beginning with the biblically based Samson leading the way, Frederick believes the sky is the limit for what Eggizo Entertainment can accomplish. 


“We are the clay, and thou art our potter.”

– Isaiah 64:8